2007 – Conference of the International Graphonomics Society

L’Istituto di Grafologia Forense è stato invitato a presentare un proprio lavoro.

13th Biennial Conference of the International Graphonomics Society Melbourne, Australia, November 11th November 14th, 2007.

Hanno partecipato Giuseppe Giordano (presidente I.G.F.) e Sergio Frontini (Engramma)

What is Graphonomics:
Graphonomics denotes the scientific and technological effort involved in identifying relationships between the planning and generation of handwriting and drawing movements, the resulting spatial traces of writing and drawing instruments (either conventional or electronic), and the dynamic features of these traces.

History of the Conference:
Thus far 12 International Conferences have been held by the society, which have regularly generated three special issues in leading scientific journals. Papers may be presented at the conference via oral presentation, work-shops or in poster sessions (subject to review by the organising committee).

The IGS 2007 Conference is multidisciplinary and papers will be considered (but not limited to) the following disciplines:

  • Experimental Psychology – Clinical Neuropsychology – Experimental Neuropsychology
  • Neurology – Neuroscience – Biophysics
  • Education – Palaeography
  • Brain – Computer Interfaces – Letter design
  • Forensic science – Engineering (signal processing)
  • Pattern Recognition – Cognitive science
  • Human Computer Interaction – Motor Control – Artificial intelligence